About ColourSpectrums

Our Mission

ColourSpectrums is a personality styles and communications model that advances human development at a personal, professional and team level.

Our mission is to make a significant positive contribution to the lives of children, youth and adults by providing educational group experiences that value each individual’s uniqueness and appreciates everyone’s diversity.

Our network of certified facilitators throughout Canada and abroad are dedicated to advancing the body of knowledge of personality styles and human dynamics.

Our Founder

Our founder and director, Rob Chubb, has dedicated his career to empowering people to be the best they can be. Rob has developed ColourSpectrums to promote human development and self-empowerment through education, interaction and fun.

Rob is the author of the three books in the ColourSpectrums series:

  • ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 1:                                           The Introduction
  • ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 2:                                         Stress Management and Conflict Resolution
  • ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 3:                                         Brightening Pale Colours

He brings a unique wealth of experience and energy to his presentations at:

  • local
  • provincial
  • national
  • and international venues
Rob is an experienced:
  • child and youth care worker
  • foster parent
  • post secondary educator
  • business entrepreneur
He has balanced his professional career and family life with diverse experiences in:
  • group homes
  • residential settings
  • community-based programs
  • therapeutic foster care
  • schools
  • post-secondary institutions
  • and business settings for over 40 years
Rob has personally trained over 1,000 ColourSpectrums facilitators over the past 15 years. He has presented ColourSpectrums to over 25,000 participants worldwide.
Our Services

We provide 2 major services:
  1. We present workshops to groups.
  2. We train facilitators to present workshops to groups.

Our Logo

The ColourSpectrums logo represents the importance of diverse personality attributes in 2 areas.
  • Personal Diversity – The four psychological primary colours of the human figure represent the four attributes essential to human growth and personal effectiveness.
  • Team Diversity – the unique blending of colours within each letter depicts the unique blend of personality attributes that each of us has. Each letter is unique and essential to the creation of the word “ColourSpectrums”. We are each unique and essential to the creation of effective relationships and teamwork. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of the parts.
The blue arm reaches out to embrace relationships.
The green analytical attributes ground us in reality.
The red arm stretches upward seeking action.
The yellow leg is tradition on which we firmly stand.