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CS 024 ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 3: Brightening Pale Colours
  • CS 024 ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 3: Brightening Pale Colours

    SKU: CS 024

    This is Book 3 in the ColourSpectrums trilogy. It is based on the principles established in Book 1 and Book 2. You will use the ColourSpectrums brightening cards, included in this book, to learn the common phrases, voice tone/pace, and body language of each colour. You will learn about the facial expressions, physical appearance and interactions styles of each colour. You will understand how ColourSpectrums enhances leadership, management and supervision skills. Implications for team work, work styles, work environments and customer service are discussed. Rob’s stories and humour will enlighten you on diverse applications including ColourSpectrums parenting, teaching and learning styles. Rob describes how ColourSpectrums apples to relationship dynamics, group dynamics and team diversity. Implications for human development over the life span are explored. You will gain insight on how you introvert and extrovert your colours in diverse ways. You will learn how to match colours and intensities so you are a great communicator. You will use the ColourSpectrums brightening cards and In-ChargeCards to brightening your palest colour and improve personal balance.

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