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Career Development Certification


What is ColourSpectrums Career Development Certification?

This training will certify career practitioners to facilitate

ColourSpectrums Career Development sessions for

individuals and groups.


This interactive multimedia training is narrated by founding director Rob Chubb.

Watch video excerpts on the left.

Training is fully supported with dynamic PowerPoint animations, music, step by step instruction guide, manual with handout masters, 3 books and support 24/7. 

PLEASE NOTE: To facilitate ColourSpectrums sessions not focused on career development, you must take the standard certification training.

What will you be able to do?

You will be able to use the PowerPoint to help clients utilize the 4 colourfully illustrated ColourSpectrums cards, card descriptions and ScoringSystem to reveal their unique  ColourSpectrums employment interests and skill sets:

Blue       Relationship People Skills

Green   Problem Solving Analytical Skills

Red      Physical Mechanical Skills

Yellow   Organizational Administrative Skills

You will gain the capacity to engage clients in colourful career conversations, colour coding and practical exercises relating to:

  • Job searches

  • Job descriptions

  • Resumes / cover letters

  • Job interviews

  • Team work

  • Work environments

  • Work styles

  • Communication styles

  • Interaction styles

  • National Occupational Classifications

Teach your clients the magical language of ColourSpectrums that will empower and motivate them as they actively explore, discover and celebrate their employment potential.

Who will register?

This training builds the capacity of a wide range of career and employment practitioners to assist clients, employees and students with career planning and employment search strategies:

  • Career development practitioners

  • Career consultants

  • Career counsellors

  • Career educators/teachers

  • Employment/job counsellors

  • Human resource professionals

  • Immigration consultants

ColourSpectrums Career Development Dashboard


The ColourSpectrums Career Development dashboard is a  culmination of 20 years of experience and research. ColourSpectrums has conducted an indepth qualitative analysis of the National Occupational (NOC) Unit Groups: Canada's national system for describing occupations

ColourSpectrums has  colour coded the main duties of all 500 NOC Unit Groups. You will learn how to use, and will qualify to subscribe to, this amazingly powerful, user friendly dashboard that analyzes and identifies NOC Unit Groups that match your client's ColourSpectrums profile.

Watch excerpts from the training video on the left.

Career page hoverbox regular image

Simply input the client's ColourSpectrums scores.

The dashboard visually displays real time results in full colour.

The bar graph displays the client's  ColourSpectrums profile.

Career page hoverbox regular image

The Amazing Bubble Chart

The dynamic bubble chart instantly populates with NOC Unit Groups most closely aligned with your client's ColourSpectrums profile.


The Awesome Data Table


The interactive data table features customizable

search and sort functions that instantly display results

with visually stunning clarity.

Take the dashboard for a test drive.

Register for the Dashboard at:


We will approve your free joy ride.

Buckle up and take it for a spin.

What are the benefits of this training and certification?

  • You will be certified as a  ColourSpectrums Career Development Facilitator.

  • You will be able to facilitate sessions in person and online.

  • You will gain access to ColourSpectrums extensive Career Development training materials and support services.

  • You will qualify to subscribe to the  Career Development Dashboard.

  • You will join the growing network of career development facilitators who can support your work.

  • You will enhance your own career development ! Spectacular !

Career page regular hover box

Register Here for ColourSpectrums Career Certification



The training fee of $225.00 plus GST includes the training, our support 24/7 

and following resources materials:

  • CS 001 Attribute Cards

  • CS 022 ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 1: The Introduction

  • CS 023 ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 2: Stress Management and Conflict Resolution

  • CS 024 ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 3: Brightening Pale Colours

  • CS 025 Facilitator’s Guide: Career Development

  • CS 026 Facilitator’s Manual: Career Development

  • CS 027 PowerPoint: Career Development


                                                   Narrated PPT

  • CS 028 PowerPoint: Career Development


                                                   Not Narrated PPT

Career Page Hoverbox regular image
Career Page Hoverbox regular image

Watch Rob Chubb present an overview of the training at the

British Columbia Career Development Association Webinar - October 2020

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