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May 30 & 31    Sherwood Park

June 6 & 7       Saskatoon



Facilitator Certification

What is Facilitator Certification Training?

Certification training will teach you how to facilite workshops in a positive educational atmosphere of fun and discovery that includes: individual reflection, paired discussions, group discussions, card sorting, word pairing, facilitator input and small group activities.

CLICK for printer friendly (PDF) REGISTRATION FORM and training schedule.

You will learn how to create dynamic educational experiences that empower participants as they actively learn, explore, reveal and celebrate their individual priorities, delights and talents while genuinely valuing the priorities, delights and talents of others. Based solidly on the works and research of Carl Jung, ColourSpectrums creates an enchanting user-friendly language that naturally enhances self-esteem and team-esteem while supporting diversity, pride and mutual respect.

This training will certify you to facilitate workshops that focus on:

  • Communication Skills

  • Self-Esteem

  • Team-Esteem

  • Management Styles

  • Teaching & Learning Styles

  • Career Counseling

  • Personal Counseling

  • Stress Management & Conflict Resolution

  • Customer Relations & Client Service

  • Parenting Styles & Family Communication

What are the benefits?

You will experience the esteeming, life-changing, ColourSpectrums process on a personal and professional level. You will be certified as an independent ColourSpectrums facilitator and be authorized to access ColourSpectrums materials and support services.

You will join the growing network of facilitators who will support your successful presentations of ColourSpectrums at your work or in your independent business. Includes 14 hours of practical, hands-on professional training, 3 facilitator’s guides,

3 facilitator’s manuals, transparency masters, handout masters, ColourSpectrums certification and access to ColourSpectrums support services.

Who will register?

Everyone interested in personal & professional development is encouraged to attend.

  • Managers/Team leaders

  • Teachers/Educators

  • Career and personal counselors

  • Group facilitators

  • Parents

  • Consultants

  • Human resources personnel

  • Business professionals

  • Front-line workers

  • Community leaders

Training Option 1

There are 2 ways you can be trained and certified to facilitate ColourSpectrums.

Choose this option 1 by emailing or faxing the registration form and attending a regularly scheduled in person training session.

CLICK for printer friendly (PDF) REGISTRATION FORM and training schedule.

​​​​​The training fee of $825.00 plus GST includes the in person training and following resources materials:

  • CS 001 Attribute Cards

  • CS 002 Facilitator’s Guide: Introductory Workshop

  • CS 003 Facilitator’s Manual: Introductory Workshop

  • CS 004 Facilitator’s Guide: Brightening Pale Colours

  • CS 005 Facilitator’s Manual: Brightening Pale Colours

  • CS 006 Brightening Cards

  • CS 011 Facilitator’s Guide: Stress Management & Conflict Resolution

  • CS 012 Facilitator’s Manual: Stress Management & Conflict Resolution

  • CS 013 Stress Management & Conflict Resolution Cards

  • CS 014 PowerPoint: Introductory Workshop

  • CS 015 PowerPoint: Stress Management & Conflict Resolution

  • CS 016 PowerPoint: Brightening Pale Colours

  • CS 018 Live Audio: Introductory Workshop for Facilitators (USB)

  • CS 019 Live Audio: Stress Management & Conflict Resolution for facilitators (USB)

  • CS 020 Live Audio: Brightening Pale Colours for facilitators (USB)

  • CS 022 ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 1: The Introduction

  • CS 023 ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 2: Stress Management and Conflict Resolution

  • CS 024 ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 3: Brightening Pale Colours

If you cannot attend a regularly scheduled training session, you can purchase the training package for $825 plus GST (includes all materials listed in training option 1 above). A shipping fee of $50.00 is added.

Training Option 2

Choose this option by emailing or faxing the option 2 order form and signed user's agreement.


Simply listen to the audio and follow along on the PowerPoint.

You can then use the PowerPoint to facilitate your own workshops.

We provide ongoing support as requested.

You are then encouraged to attend a regularly scheduled in person training session

at no additional charge.

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