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Welcome to ColourSpectrums

​What is ColourSpectrums?

ColourSpectrums is a personality styles and human dynamics model presented to groups and individuals in an entertaining, interactive workshop format.

ColourSpectrums is based on Rob Chubb's 3 foundational books that reveal your personality as a unique combination of four primary colours representing the 4 dimensions of human development.

ColourSpectrums Team Building

​Our Core Area of Expertice

If your team sounds like this (chaotic music),

we can make it sound like this (upbeat music).

ColourSpectrums Team Building!

Music to your ears.

Have a Listen:

Blue      Emotional Development

Blue -

Green   Intellectual Development

Green -

Red       Physical Development

Red -
Yellow -

Yellow  Organizational Development

The ColourSpectrums Workshop Experience

  • Participants sort the ColourSpectrums cards to reveal unique personality strengths and challenges.

  • Every colour spectrum is a particular combination of strengths and challenges that is unique to each individual.

  • This dynamic educational experience enlightens (ah-ha! learning) and entertains (ha-ha! learning) in an exciting process of self-discovery.

  • We create powerfully positive colourful conversations.


​ColourSpectrums Enhances Self-esteem

Participants are motivated and empowered to actively explore, discover and celebrate their personal ColourSpectrums; a unique combination of priorities, delights and talents.

ColourSpectrums Increases Team-esteem

Participants value team diversity by appreciating everyone’s ColourSpectrums; other people’s priorities, delights and talents.

ColourSpectrums Increases Team-effectiveness

ColourSpectrums creates an enchanting, user-friendly language that everyone enjoys using. Diversity is appreciated, stress and conflict are reduced, communication skyrockets and productivity soars!



We Provide 4 Major Services:

  1. We facilitate dynamic, interactive Workshops onsite and online to children, youth and adults.

  2. We provide training and Certification to facilitate ColourSpectrums workshops.

  3. We provide training and Certification to facilitate Career Development sessions. 

  4. We publish and sell 3 books and 3 Card Sets at our Shop.

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